Management Features

  • MMP Service Quotation offers the following inclusions: (Depends on the contract)

  • AVG Anti-Virus for each machine - software and non-expiring licenses included
  • Anti-Spyware for each machine - software and non-expiring licenses included
  • Critical system updates and maintenance - Operating system, MS-Office, Anti-Virus and Backup software
  • Temporary Internet file and Temporary workstation file deletion
  • Asset Management - keeps track of your servers, workstations, laptops and software for insurance and financial purposes
  • Error Log Monitoring - keeps us pre-notified of problems which could easily result in potential outages
  • Security Log Monitoring - keeps us aware of various intrusion attempts to your network preventing unnecessary exposure to intellectual property and financial data
  • Backup Server Monitoring - we can aggressively address backup failures as they happen rather than waiting until we need to use the backup to find out that it has failed - all this without costing you unnecessary time or money
  • SNMP Device Monitoring - we can easily monitor and track issues with critical network devices such as Routers, Firewalls, Switches, Printers and more - to keep you up and running longer
  • Free SaaZ system agents - these agents are necessary to perform more than half of the services we have described above and you get it for free
  • Executive Reporting - with your invoice each month you will receive reports on your Assets which can be stored for insurance purposes or business equity validation, you will receive reports on various time and billing items so you can easily determine if our MMP is paying for itself - you will see a cost analysis of MMP now vs. what you would have paid for the same service as a non-MMP client
  • Online Account Access - you can manage your account, view statements (paid or pending), create trouble tickets, view your business assets and more
  • External Vulnerability Testing - this is a series of exhaustive tests designed to look for holes in your network security - normally priced at $400 per site, you will receive this same value for only $200 as a V-Group MMP client.
  • Worry Free Support - 100% Break-Fix support, we will cover all technical issues and client questions for system maintained by our MMP, this does not include systems not previously included in your previous MMP billing - for those covered systems we will get all systems functioning normally without altering your budget as well as how-to’s - this does not cover issues with SBT, ACCPAC, ProWaste, Wed Design or other custom V-Group software
  • Reduced Rate - As an MMP Client our normal hour rate is dramatically reduces from $110/hr to only $75/hr, making the decision to implement new technologies in your office much more affordable - this rate only applies to Moves/Adds/Changes related to your Network/Servers/Desktops/Laptops and does not include Custom Software Solutions such as SBT/ACCPAC/etc.
  • Priority Service - our MMP clients will not stand in line behind non-MMP clients for technical support issues - a TSR (Technical Support Request) with standard priority from an MMP client will receive priority over an urgent TSR for a non-MMP -
    This is our promise!

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